6 Fundamental Steps For A Successful CV

cv format

Most of the Job seekers in Bangladesh (BD) try to copy from other CV format rather than thinking to write it themselves. CV means “course of life” in Latin. It Works as a professional mirror in the job fields. As CV is the first step of total employment process, we should be more careful about CV format.  A Curriculum vitae is a summary of one’s past, existingprofessional skills, proficiency and experiences.

The Six steps for a successful CV are:

1. Generally CV contains

  • Personal information
  • Education and qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Interests and achievements
  • Skills and references

 2. Career Objective

  • Represent the aim or goal
  • Position of working purpose
  • The special quality that employers look for

3. Deep Analysis Of Employer

Employers are looking for workers who can do more than just fill a vacancy –they are looking for people who can help them grow. In Curriculum Vitae we have to focus these features which would make us special to the employers. It is very important to think about employer’s choice. This analysis will help us in getting priority to the employers.

4. Career Summary

In this stage, we should have to focus where we worked and still working. Here we must mention:

  • Company/Institution name.
  • Working position.
  • Working level.
  • Working experience.

5. Focuses on own hobbies and interests

After brainstorming our own hobbies and interests we must find out our unique sides. Then try to list it because it may be helpful us to stand out. Such like:

  • Hobbies and interest may paint a positive image.
  • Hobbies that imply a passive, solitary personality.

6. Relevant Skills

In job sector Seekers must aware of relevant skills which they have to add on their CV format. Such like:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Computer Design
  • Other languages etc.

Successful CV reflects a Job seeker’s quality. Following above six fundamental Steps job seekers can be able to develop their curriculum vita. Before writing we must choice our purpose and then add our relative things on it. A Successful CV format can give you A Successful career.


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