3 Main Parts to writing a Resume especially for teaching job in Bangladesh (BD)

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Writing a Teaching resume is an art, not a science. A resume is not a Curriculum vitae, it is a document that includes the most relevant experience of the candidate (Teacher) that matches the requirements of the job. This is no one correct way to formulate teacher’s resume, but there are some best practices and standards that the Career Centre recommends in Bangladesh. Teaching Resumes need to be aesthetically pleasing, dense with relevant content and properly edited.

Teachers should be careful before CV writing. They should careful about:

1. Professional aesthetics:

Teachers always remember to have a classic, professional resume. In Bangladesh institutions, they all are looking for professional CV candidates. Teaching is a creative and innovative profession; a teaching resume should be strictly professional in a view.

2. Main Contents:

This is a part where teachers must know the main contents of a resume. Like a good lesson plan, a resume should have clear points and should be laid out in an easy to read, easy to follow resume format. The main contents are: Full name, dress, Content Information, Date of Birth, Nationality, Object, Education History, Relevant Course and certifications and Relevant Work Experience etc.

3. Perfect Editing:

In this step editing is a necessary component of resume writing which is neglected. Editing is where teachers and others assure that content is accurate and aesthetics are pin point. Before writing resume teacher must make a list. Such like:

Firstly, Resume must be Chronological Order and accomplishment statements.

Secondly, Resume must be in good length. With rare exceptions, teachers should keep their resume minimum 2 page.

Thirdly, Resume must follow the correct margins such like- .8 inch to 1.5 inch and writing font must be Times New Roman, Arial and Courier New are good choices. A 10-12 point font size is also recommended.

Fourthly, Accuracy and error free resume attracts anyone easily. So teachers have to aware about resume writing.

Fifthly, teachers must be aware about resume’s paper quality. Have to use a high quality paper such like: 24-32 lb, 25% cotton fiber, 8-1/2 x 11.

In Bangladesh, Employers always want good resume from the candidate. In the section of Education Bangladeshi teachers are not aware about their resume writing. It is important that teachers stay organized with their resume so that employers don’t have to take out a magnify glass to find what they are looking for. Following these tips teachers can well prepare to make an effective Resume for their own especially in Bangladeshi job field.

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