5 Major Mistakes To Evade For an Appropriate CV

cv mistakes

CV is a summary of job seeker’s life. It contains all the important information of the job seekers, from personal detail to education and work experience, so that the recruiter needs to glance through it.CV must be short, informative and error free. 5 Major mistakes we should avoid to write an effective CV.  These are –

1.Grammatical Errors

Your resume requires to be grammatically perfect. If it is not, you will get bad impression and employers will not interest to read your resume. So you have to careful about this mistake. Avoid using phrases like “responsible for.” In this stage we should avoid no action verbs and wrong form of verbs.


Lack of specific things on your resume cannot be able to attract employers and others viewers. Employers need to understand who you are and how much appropriate you are for him. For example:

  1. Worked with employees in a restaurant setting.
  2. Recruited, hired, trained and supervised more than 20 employees in a restaurant with $1 million in annual sales.

These two examples showing the two ways . 1st one is short and 2nd one explain the work vividly. Here ‘b’ easily attracts the employers.

3.Inappropriate objective

Objective of a resume is a striking point for a job seeker to apply for any job post. Employers do read your resume objective, but too often they plow through vague pufferies like, “Seeking a challenging position that offers professional growth”. You must focus something these may help to represent you to the employers. So avoiding irrelevant objective you can write a successful CV.

4. Jargon and over friendly

Jargon and over friendly attitudes must be controlled in a decent way at the time of CV writing. Including your hobbies you must avoid writing like- “drinking” or “having a good time”. Remain professional at all times.


5.Employer Unfriendly Information

Seekers are so hungry for jobs that most of the times they try to focus such things these are not liked by the employers. It would affect on Job seeker’s career negatively. We should think about the employer’s choice and we should avoid irrelevant things on CV.

These are the fundamental mistakes or errors of a job seeker must avoid to write a a CV. Make sure you create a CV that is simple, straight-forward, free from errors, presenting your experience and skill. A perfect CV can shorten the distance between employers and job seekers.

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